Technology and Management Solutions

Axxiton can help you manage both your technological and business challenges.  With extensive experience in management of software development, Axxiton provides expertise in project management, technology selection & management and business process development.  Years of experience in a broad range of development scenarios can be brought to bear to address your situation.

On the business side, Axxiton can assist with strategic planning,  budget creation / management, and management of high-energy / multi-disciplinary teams (including recruiting, hiring, performance appraisal, motivating).

Axxiton is experienced with Canadian government incentive programs such as NRC/IRAP and SR&ED.  Companies sometimes experience difficulty with SR&ED because their engineers & developers are not always fully supportive of the claim process.  Accounting firms miss SR&ED claim opportunities because they are not knowledgeable about the technologies involved and therefore cannot assess the technical validity of projects and activities claimed.  Axxiton helps both parties.  Furthermore, Axxiton will help you establish processes so that your SR&ED claim is no longer an annual “moon launch”, but becomes a natural part of your operations.

Following are some services Axxiton provides:

Assistance with Canadian Government Incentive Programs, e.g. SR&ED and IRAP:

  • NRC Industrial Research Assistance Programs (IRAP)
    • Identify candidate projects / programs
    • Work with technical staff and write IRAP grant proposals
    • Assistance with ongoing administration to meet reporting requirements
    • Youth-grant applications and reporting

Project Management

  • Project Charters, Project Plans
  • Budgeting and resource planning
  • Process development
  • Earned-value Management
  • Status reporting and scorecards
  • Agile development / SCRUM

Other Services

  • Technology management based on 30+ years of direct experience
  • Business planning and management
  • RFP assistance
  • IT Infrastructure planning and management
  • CMS systems: e.g. Sharepoint, Alfresco